Transforming a Westborough Home: A Room Revival Story

Welcome to our latest project showcase! We’re thrilled to share the transformation story of a room in Westborough, Massachusetts, completed by the skilled team at Cane Hill Wood Works.

The Challenge

Our journey began in a room that had fallen victim to inefficient construction. The previous contractor’s decision to frame a wooden floor directly over dirt led to severe rotting and mold issues, rendering the room practically unusable.

Our Approach

Understanding the gravity of the situation, our team set out to completely overhaul the space. This wasn’t just a repair job; it was a resurrection. We started by meticulously removing all the damaged structures and mold-infested materials. It was vital to ensure a clean slate before we began the actual renovation.

The Transformation

The room underwent a complete metamorphosis. We installed a large, modern door that not only enhanced the room’s accessibility but also its aesthetic appeal. The choice of shiplap for the walls brought a fresh, contemporary feel to the space, blending seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients’ reaction to the finished project was nothing short of ecstatic. The room that was once a sore spot in their home is now a source of pride, fully functional and beautifully integrated into their living space.

This project in Westborough is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at Cane Hill Wood Works. We believe every room in your home should be a source of comfort and joy, and we’re here to make that happen.